• Update: 02 04 20

    What is the relationship between bearing material and performance

    The bearing ring and the rolling element of the rolling bearing are repeatedly subjected to rolling contact while being repeatedly exposed to high contact pressure. The retainer is in sliding contact with both sides of the ferrule and the rolling element, or one of them, while receiving tension and contraction. Therefore, the data, performance, and important requirements for bearing rings, rolling elements, and cages...

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  • Update: 28 03 20

    How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of bearings

    Identify the quality of equipment bearings, we usually proceed from the following aspects:1. Is the packaging clear?Under normal circumstances, brands produced by regular manufacturers have their own dedicated designers to design external packaging, and arrange production in factories that pass the production conditions. Therefore, the packaging of the product should be very clear, from lines to color blocks. unambig...

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  • Update: 20 03 20

    Slewing bearing structure and seal type

    Slewing bearing structure and seal type, rotary bearing, slewing bearing manufacturer-Xuzhou Hailin Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.                         The slewing bearing is mainly composed of an upper ring, a lower ring and a full complement ball. The entire design of the slewing bearing is used for rotating solutions at low speed and light load. These two single-row and double-row designs and the convenience of pre-...

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  • Update: 14 03 20

    Impact of angular contact ball bearings on use

    The shaft parts of the machine tool, especially the main shaft, are generally assembled into a thrust ball bearing and rotate at a high speed, sometimes generating high heat. If this phenomenon is not ruled out in time, it will cause angular contact ball bearings to overheat and increase the temperature of the corresponding parts of the machine tool, resulting in thermal deformation. In severe cases, the spindle and ...

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  • Update: 06 03 20

    Advantages of hybrid ceramic bearings

    Hybrid ceramic bearings may be less common, and the main configuration of hybrid ceramic bearings is a combination of inner and outer ring bearing steel / stainless steel + ceramic ball + PA66 / stainless steel retainer + 2RS / ZZ. Hybrid ceramic bearings have the following four advantages during use.(1), high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic balls, under high temperature enviro...

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  • Update: 28 02 20

    How is the bearing maintained

    Bearings play an important role in industrial equipment. Often the quality of the bearing also determines the operating efficiency of the entire equipment. In order for the bearing to fully perform its proper performance, it should be regularly maintained and maintained. Appropriate inspection can find faults in time, prevent problems before they occur, and improve the efficiency of the entire equipment.1. Cleaning. ...

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