Matters needing attention in using sliding bearing

Update: 16-10-2020

Today's sliding bearing manufacturers to introduce some […]

Today's sliding bearing manufacturers to introduce some of the matters needing attention in the use of sliding bearings, I hope to help you, let's learn about it.
1、 Before use
1. Whether the fasteners of the pump are firm.
2. Whether the valve in and out of the pipeline is open.
3. Whether the rotation direction of the pump meets the requirements (the pump with single rotation is required to be installed according to the steering sign).
4. When conveying high-temperature medium, it should be operated by inching for one minute before connecting.
2、 During installation
1. Before installation, check whether the shaft is damaged by sliding bearing during transportation, such as damp and bumping of motor, and dirt of JDB bronze inlaid bearing in pump inlet and outlet.
2. The installation pipeline should be cleaned and the weight of the pipeline should not be borne by the pump.
3. There shall be no air leakage at the connecting parts of the pipeline.
4. If JDB solid inlaid bearing is severe for conveying liquid dirt, appropriate filtering device should be installed.

3、 In use
1. Pay attention to the gear pump pressure should be in accordance with the technical specifications.
2. Pay attention to the shaft seal. In case of leakage, adjust the compression screw according to the degree, and do not tighten it too tightly.
3. Do not arbitrarily adjust the adjusting screw of safety valve.
4. If the pump produces abnormal noise, stop working immediately and check it.