How should self-lubricating bearings be disassembled?

Update: 13-10-2020

Self-lubricating bearing products are very common parts […]

Self-lubricating bearing products are very common parts. The normal operation of composite self-lubricating bearings such as automobiles and machine tools cannot be separated from the use of various self-lubricating bearings, whether it is a needle roller self-lubricating bearing or a combined self-lubricating bearing. product. So today, the self-lubricating bearing manufacturers will introduce the disassembly method of self-lubricating bearings for everyone.

   The equipment is running normally after installation. If there is a problem, it is very important to disassemble and inspect it in time. So, how to disassemble this kind of composite roller self-lubricating bearing? What are the common disassembly methods? For those who often use this kind of products, knowing these will help the improvement of production efficiency.

Roller self-lubricating bearings are widely used in the automotive field. They are equipment that requires less shaft sleeves for automotive operation, but there are certain difficulties in disassembly and assembly. Therefore, it is very important to grasp a fair disassembly method. There are mainly several disassembly methods for composite roller self-lubricating bearings: 1. Percussion method, which is to knock it down with a hammer. This method is relatively straightforward, but the equipment can easily be damaged by beating; 2. Thermal dismantling method, this method is more practical, it is to heat it to a certain temperature to expand the self-lubricating bearing ring, so that it can be easily removed; 3. Pushing method is also a good method, this method is more It is difficult to grasp and there are many problems to pay attention to. Fourth, the method of pulling out is to pull out the needle roller self-lubricating bearing through a tool, which is also possible.

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