Material and function of bushing

Update: 02-10-2020

The bushing is used outside the mechanical parts to ach […]

The bushing is used outside the mechanical parts to achieve the functions of sealing and wear protection. The use of the Bush is very wide, many parts in the industrial field, such as valves, bearings and other parts will use the bushing.
1. material of bushing
The materials of the liner are mostly soft metal, rubber, nylon and nonmetal polymer, etc. the materials are relatively soft in texture and low in price. In various harsh working environment, the Bush is protected by vibration, friction and corrosion, and the bushing itself is easy to replace after damage, low cost and good economy.
2. bushing selection factors
The Bush has a wide range of use and many types. To choose the suitable bush, it is necessary to consider its purpose of use and choose different types of bushing under different working conditions. The main consideration of the selection of the bushing is the pressure, speed, pressure and speed product and load properties to be borne by the bushing. In addition, whether the bushing has lubrication and lubrication state also determines its service effect and life.
3. role of bushing
The use flexibility of bushing is relatively high, and it can play a lot of functions. Generally speaking, the Bush is a kind of component to protect the equipment. The use of bushing can reduce the wear, vibration and noise of equipment, and has the effect of anti-corrosion. The use of bushing can also facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment, simplify the structure and manufacturing process of the equipment.
The role of bushing in practical work and its application environment have a great relationship with the purpose. In the field of valve application, the Bush is installed in the valve cover to hold the valve stem, so as to reduce the leakage of the valve and achieve the sealing function. In the field of bearing application, the use of bushing can reduce the wear between the bearing and the shaft seat, and avoid the increase of the clearance between the shaft and the hole.

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