• Update: 24 03 23

    How corrosion affects rolling bearings

    Although stainless steel and chromium steel bearings have corrosion resistance characteristics, they cannot avoid rusting. Improper storage and handling, high humidity, condensation, etc. can significantly shorten the service life of rolling bearings. In many cases, you will not discover a problem until the damage has been completed. So how does corrosion affect rolling bearings?If the rolling bearing is exposed to w...

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  • Update: 17 03 23

    What are the causes of damage to rolling bearings

    Damage and failure of rolling bearings are frequently encountered in the use of rolling bearings. The causes of damage and failure of rolling bearings are often not caused by a single cause, but are caused under comprehensive conditions, and the main causes are often difficult to determine. Next, we will analyze common situations of rolling bearing damage for everyone to exchange and learn.1、 Improper bearing mainten...

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  • Update: 06 03 23

    How to check the operation of motor bearing

    In order to check whether the motor bearing is installed correctly, test run inspection shall be carried out after installation. For small machinery, first turn the rotating parts by hand to check the rotation flexibility of the motor bearing, and then conduct the temperature rise test if there are no following abnormalities.1. Oil gas and oil mist lubrication. In oil lubrication, the bearing temperature reaches a st...

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  • Update: 03 03 23

    How to select lubricating grease for motor bearings running at high temperature

    With the continuous development of industry and manufacturing, mechanical equipment is also more advanced and efficient. Correspondingly, the requirements for lubricating grease are more stringent. It must be understood that in order to meet the requirements of various industrial equipment, various special greases are also available.The special grease on the market generally refers to that it can provide good lubrica...

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  • Update: 20 02 23

    Structure and characteristics of rolling bearing

    Rolling bearing is a kind of precise mechanical element that changes the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat into rolling friction, thus reducing the friction loss.Rolling bearings include raceways (inner and outer rings), rolling bodies (balls or rollers) and cages. Through the cages, the rolling bodies are kept at a certain distance and fixed in the correct position for movement. The conta...

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  • Update: 15 02 23

    What factors will affect the life of the high-speed motor bearing shaft

    High-speed motor bearings have higher precision and smaller surface roughness than ordinary bearings. The intuitive difference is that the surface of high-speed motor bearings is smoother than that of ordinary bearings. If the outer ring and inner ring shake, the clearance of the high-speed motor bearing is small.1. What to do if the bearing of the high-speed motor is overloaded and heated1. In the case of high speed...

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