• Update: 25 11 22

    Let is take a look at the basic concept of composite bimetal bearing

    Composite bimetallic bearing is one of oil-free lubrication bearings. The product is made of high-quality low-carbon steel back as the base, sintered lead tin bronze alloy on the surface, and rolled into a bimetallic strip of copper and steel after several times of high temperature sintering and compact rolling. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, stron...

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  • Update: 18 11 22

    Identify if the plain bearing is damaged

    When we use sliding bearings, we often find that this sliding bearing is different from the original. Let's take a look at why this is now.When the sliding bearing is in operation, friction will occur due to the contact between the journal and the bearing bush, which will cause the surface to heat up, wear and even "seize". Therefore, when designing the bearing, the sliding bearing material with good friction reducti...

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  • Update: 11 11 22

    Explain the heating mechanism of sliding bearing in detail

    As we know, shaft and sliding bearing are a pair of friction pairs, belonging to sliding friction.Friction will generate heat, and the amount of its heat is proportional to the friction and the speed of movement; The friction is large, the heat is large, the speed is fast and the heat is much.The friction force of sliding bearing is in direct proportion to the positive pressure and friction coefficient. From the desi...

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  • Update: 04 11 22

    Methods for preventing rust of self-lubricating bearings

    The self-lubricating bearing will cause rust and other phenomena due to different environments.If the bearing is rusted, it will affect the normal operation of the self-lubricating bearing and cause unnecessary losses.Therefore, rust prevention is a necessary work for bearing maintenance. "First, in order to prevent the self-lubricating bearing from rusting, the surface should be pretreated:Surface cleaning:Proper cl...

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  • Update: 25 10 22

    Selection and characteristics of oil-free self-lubricating bearing in casting

    Selection of oil-free self-lubricating bearingIn order to solve the lubrication problems of high temperature, low speed, heavy load, heavy dust, water flushing and shock vibration in mechanical equipment, oil-free self-lubricating bearings are selected.1. The structure of the bearing Self lubricating bearing is a composite bearing with a solid lubricant friction area of 25-65%, which is made by developing orderly arr...

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  • Update: 19 10 22

    There are advantages in the use of composite bearings

    Hybrid ceramic composite bearings may be less common, and their main configuration is a combination of inner and outer ring bearing steel/stainless steel+ceramic balls+PA66/stainless steel cage+2RS/ZZ. Hybrid ceramic bearings have the following four advantages during use.(1) High temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic balls, no expansion of bearing balls due to temperature in high temp...

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