Jiaxing Wuzhou Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. As a famous

China sleeve bushings manufacturers and oil groove bushings suppliers

, we are specializing in manufacturing sliding bearing series products, the physical production enterprises have reached 150 million sets of production capacity, with one automatic sintering line. Enterprise technology relying on Research Institute and colleges and universities and colleges and universities and colleges and universities, constantly develop self-lubricating bearing products adapted to different working conditions and various mechanical fields. The product performance has reached the level of foreign products of the same kind...
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Best Price Guaranteed

We have two our own factory which could offer the moderate price and best sleeve bushes directly.

Excellent and perfect service

Our bush with oil groove are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Excellent quality assurance

We have our own laboratory and industry advanced testing equipment to ensure product quality.

Our Products

wuzhou has become dedicated parts manufacturer with advanced equipments and sophisticated supporting techniques.


What problems should be paid attention to when using oil-free bearings?

Oil free bearing a bearing that works under sliding friction. The oil-free bearing works stably, reliably and without noise. So the application of oil-free bearing is generally under the condition of high speed and light load. What problems should we pay attention to when using oil-free bearings. Let's learn about it. Under the condition of liquid ...

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What is an oil-free bearing? How to lubricate oil-free bearings?

According to the different friction properties, the bearing can be divided into sliding bearing and rolling bearing. According to the different load direction, lubricant type, nature of lubricating film, structure of bearing bush and material of bearing bush, sliding bearing can be classified into oil lubricated bearing, grease lubricated bearing, ...

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Metal material of brass bushing

The simple difference between brass and bronze is also the difference in color. Bronze is named for bronze and brass is named for bronze.So you can basically tell the difference in color.Metallographic analysis is also necessary to make a strict distinction. The dark green or rust color you said is not the true color of bronze. Here is a basic know...

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