Jiaxing Wuzhou Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. As a famous

China sleeve bushings manufacturers and oil groove bushings suppliers

, we are specializing in manufacturing sliding bearing series products, the physical production enterprises have reached 150 million sets of production capacity, with one automatic sintering line. Enterprise technology relying on Research Institute and colleges and universities and colleges and universities and colleges and universities, constantly develop self-lubricating bearing products adapted to different working conditions and various mechanical fields. The product performance has reached the level of foreign products of the same kind...
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Best Price Guaranteed

We have two our own factory which could offer the moderate price and best sleeve bushes directly.

Excellent and perfect service

Our bush with oil groove are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Excellent quality assurance

We have our own laboratory and industry advanced testing equipment to ensure product quality.

Our Products

wuzhou has become dedicated parts manufacturer with advanced equipments and sophisticated supporting techniques.


What is the relationship between bearing material and performance

The bearing ring and the rolling element of the rolling bearing are repeatedly subjected to rolling contact while being repeatedly exposed to high contact pressure. The retainer is in sliding contact with both sides of the ferrule and the rolling element, or one of them, while receiving tension and contraction. Therefore, the data, performance, and...

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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of bearings

Identify the quality of equipment bearings, we usually proceed from the following aspects: 1. Is the packaging clear? Under normal circumstances, brands produced by regular manufacturers have their own dedicated designers to design external packaging, and arrange production in factories that pass the production conditions. Therefore, the packaging ...

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Slewing bearing structure and seal type

Slewing bearing structure and seal type, rotary bearing, slewing bearing manufacturer-Xuzhou Hailin Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd.                           The slewing bearing is mainly composed of an upper ring, a lower ring and a full complement ball. The entire design of the slewing bearing is used for rotating solutions at low speed and light load....

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