Jiaxing Wuzhou Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. As a famous

China sleeve bushings manufacturers and oil groove bushings suppliers

, we are specializing in manufacturing sliding bearing series products, the physical production enterprises have reached 150 million sets of production capacity, with one automatic sintering line. Enterprise technology relying on Research Institute and colleges and universities and colleges and universities and colleges and universities, constantly develop self-lubricating bearing products adapted to different working conditions and various mechanical fields. The product performance has reached the level of foreign products of the same kind...
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Best Price Guaranteed

We have two our own factory which could offer the moderate price and best sleeve bushes directly.

Excellent and perfect service

Our bush with oil groove are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

Excellent quality assurance

We have our own laboratory and industry advanced testing equipment to ensure product quality.

Our Products

wuzhou has become dedicated parts manufacturer with advanced equipments and sophisticated supporting techniques.


Sliding bearing is widely used

Sliding bearing is widely used, such as textile machine, printing machine, automobile, tobacco machinery, micro motor, motorcycle and agricultural and forestry machinery, etc. sliding bearing also has its own characteristics and advantages. 1. The machine can reduce vibration, noise, pollution and improve working conditions. 2. With a proper amount...

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Basic concept of composite bimetal bearing

Bimetallic bearing is one of the oil-free lubrication bearings. The product is made of bimetallic strip of copper and steel, which is made of high-quality low carbon steel back as the matrix, sintered lead tin bronze alloy on the surface, sintered several times at high temperature and rolled compactly. It has the characteristics of high bearing cap...

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Application of self lubricating bearing in automobile industry

Self lubricating bearing, as an important part of automobile power transmission system, with its excellent and low friction performance, can help automobile power transmission system more efficiently, reduce friction, improve transmission efficiency and fuel efficiency! Not only that, self-lubricating bearing can also help automobile lightweight an...

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