• Update: 28 12 19

    Installation of bearings

    The quality of the bearing installation will affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, please fully study the bearing installation, that is, install the bearing according to the operating standards including the following items.1. Cleaning bearings and related partsBecause the bearings are rust-proofed and packaged, do not open the package until just before installation. In addition, the a...

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  • Update: 20 12 19

    Several principles for selecting bearing lubricants

    Bearing equipment has relatively high requirements for lubricating oil, so when selecting bearings, the following principles need to be followed:1. The greater the bearing load of the bearing, the higher the viscosity of the selected lubricating oil. In the case of low speed and heavy load, it is necessary to consider the allowable bearing capacity of the oil;2. The bearing's working temperature varies greatly, and o...

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  • Update: 14 12 19

    What is a linear bearing

    Bearings are small parts used for mechanical contact, linear bearings are a type of bearingFirst we look at the application of linear bearings. Linear bearings are a kind of linear motion system used in combination with a cylindrical shaft to form a straight line. The bearing ball of the linear bearing is in contact with the sleeve outside the bearing, so that the frictional resistance to the steel ball is reduced, ...

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  • Update: 06 12 19

    Bearing maintenance 3

    3. Inspection and troubleshooting during operationThe inspection items during operation include the rolling noise, vibration, temperature, and lubrication status of the bearing. Among them, the rolling noise, vibration, and temperature of the bearing are as described above. The lubrication here is as follows:3.1 The role of bearing lubricationLubrication has a significant impact on the fatigue life and friction, wear...

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  • Update: 29 11 19

    Bearing maintenance 2

    2. Stop inspectionIt is important to regularly check the bearing seals to maintain the bearings in optimal condition. The most favorable inspection time is arranged during the period of regular downtime inspection. Prior planning and knowing the bearing model and bearing spare parts are usually done by inspection.2.1 It is important to keep bearings and lubrication clean.Before inspection, clean the surface of the ma...

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  • Update: 23 11 19

    Bearing maintenance part 1

    1, regular inspectionIn order to fully utilize the bearings and maintain their proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance (regular inspection) must be performed. Through proper periodic inspections, early detection of failures and prevention of accidents are important to improve productivity and economy.1.1 cleaningWhen the bearing is removed and inspected, the appearance record is first recorded by phot...

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