• Update: 15 05 20

    What are the characteristics of copper bushings

    1. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of copper sleeves is still relatively good, and different materials of equipment have different characteristics. The internal organization of the parts of the copper bushing is still relatively tight, and it will not appear too loose. It has no stomata trachoma, so from the appearance, the copper bushing is still relatively bright, and its color is relatively special. And the ...

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  • Update: 07 05 20

    Distinguish between self-lubricating bearings and oil-containing bearings

    What is an oil bearing?Oil-bearing bearings use metal powder as the main raw material, and the sintered body made by powder metallurgy is inherently porous, and has the technical advantages of freely adjusting the number, size, shape and distribution of pores during the manufacturing process. Using the porosity of the sintered body, it is impregnated with 10% -40% (volume fraction) lubricating oil and used in the sta...

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  • Update: 28 04 20

    How to correctly distinguish whether the sliding bearing is damaged

    When we use sliding bearings, we often find that this sliding bearing is different from the original one. Let's take a look at why this is now.When the sliding bearing is working, the contact between the journal and the bearing pad will produce friction, resulting in surface heat, wear and even "bite". Therefore, when designing the bearing, the sliding bearing material with good friction reduction should be selected ...

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  • Update: 22 04 20

    What are the advantages of oil bearing

    Oil bearing is a kind of porous alloy products impregnated with lubricating oil in the pores. When the bearing rotates, due to the friction between the shaft and the oil-bearing bearing, the temperature of the oil-bearing bearing increases and the pumping action, the lubricating oil penetrates into the friction surface of the inner or outer diameter of the oil-bearing bearing. The oil flows back inside the oil bearin...

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  • Update: 16 04 20

    What is oil free sliding bearing

    Oil-free sliding bearing is a kind of sliding bearing and a special bearing. The material is made of metal, etc. It is characterized by simple structure and convenient manufacturing. The materials of bearing pads and bearing linings are collectively called sliding bearing materials. Sliding bearing applications are generally under low-speed and heavy-duty working conditions, or in difficult-to-operate parts where ma...

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  • Update: 11 04 20

    What are the differences between sliding bearings and rolling bearings

    As an indispensable important component in mechanical products, bearings play an important role in supporting the rotating shaft. According to the different friction properties in bearings, the bearings are divided into rolling bearings and sliding friction bearings.The two types of bearings have their own characteristics in structure and their advantages and disadvantages in performance. When selecting, they must be...

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