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  • Update: 29 11 19

    Bearing maintenance 2

    2. Stop inspectionIt is important to regularly check the bearing seals to maintain the bearings in optimal condition. The most favorable inspection time is arranged during the period of regular downtime inspection. Prior planning and knowing the bearing model and bearing spare parts are usually done by inspection.2.1 It is important to keep bearings and lubrication clean.Before inspection, clean the surface of the ma...

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  • Update: 23 11 19

    Bearing maintenance part 1

    1, regular inspectionIn order to fully utilize the bearings and maintain their proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance (regular inspection) must be performed. Through proper periodic inspections, early detection of failures and prevention of accidents are important to improve productivity and economy.1.1 cleaningWhen the bearing is removed and inspected, the appearance record is first recorded by phot...

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  • Update: 15 11 19

    How should the bearings be cleaned

    The bearing is a small part of the mechanical operation, which seems to be small, but it has a great effect. The loss of bearings in mechanical use is also very large, so daily attention should be paid to cleaning work.There are many ways to clean the bearings. Here are a few of them. The first is the easiest cleaning with detergent. Firstly, the surface of the bearing is cleaned. When cleaning the surface, the appro...

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  • Update: 09 11 19

    What are the methods of using the bearings

    The bearing occupies a very important position in the operation of the machine. Without the bearing, the machine can hardly operate. As a kind of fine part, the bearing should pay special attention to the use. If it is used improperly, it can not only achieve the expected effect, but also easily damage the bearing.First, pay attention to the cleaning of the bearings and the surrounding environment, and always clean t...

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  • Update: 01 11 19

    How to choose the lubricant of the bearing

    The operation of the bearing relies heavily on the lubricant, and the quality of the oil is critical to the operating efficiency of the bearing. Therefore, the choice of bearings should follow the following principles:1. Movement speed. The higher the running speed of the bearing, the easier it is to form the oil wedge. In order to ensure the oil film, a low viscosity lubricating oil can be used. If the viscosity cho...

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  • Update: 26 10 19

    How to fit the bearing

    The operation of mechanical equipment is inseparable from the bearing. The proper installation of the bearing is conducive to the operation speed and efficiency of the equipment. It is also the protection of the mechanical equipment. The bearing installation food is prone to failure and brings safety hazards.First, cleaningBefore installing the bearing, first clean the bearing with gasoline or kerosene, and wait for ...

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