How should the bearings be cleaned

Update: 15-11-2019

The bearing is a small part of the mechanical operation […]

The bearing is a small part of the mechanical operation, which seems to be small, but it has a great effect. The loss of bearings in mechanical use is also very large, so daily attention should be paid to cleaning work.

There are many ways to clean the bearings. Here are a few of them. The first is the easiest cleaning with detergent. Firstly, the surface of the bearing is cleaned. When cleaning the surface, the appropriate cleaning agent should be selected according to the material of the bearing surface and the environmental conditions at that time. The solvent is usually used for cleaning or chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning. These are all common cleaning methods. After cleaning, the surface moisture should be dried and then dried by filtered dry compressed air. It can also be dried by a dryer. No matter which method, it must be kept dry. It is worth noting that the temperature should be controlled. Between 120 ° C and 170 ° C, of ​​course, it can also be dried directly with a clean gauze. This is a conventional method of cleaning with a cleaning agent, and the other is a method of applying an anti-rust oil, but this method is generally used for some large-scale anti-rust substances which cannot be used by the soaking method or the oil coating method, and is used at about 0.7 Mpa. The pressure of the filtered compressed air is sprayed in a clean place. Solvent-diluted rust-preventing oils and thin-layer rust-preventing oils are suitable for use in spray methods, but care must be taken to ensure adequate fire protection. Another method of applying anti-rust oil is the brush coating method, which is suitable for bearings that need to be cleaned outdoors or that have complicated shapes that cannot be used by the soaking method or the spraying method, and that the brushing method cannot clean the pile, and also Be careful to prevent leakage.

There are many cleaning methods for bearings, but they should also be selected according to the nature of the bearings. When using them, please pay attention to the fact that if there is sweat on the hands, do not directly touch the bearings, because the human body's sweat is a kind of salty and weak. An acidic liquid that tends to produce a layer of sweat film when it comes into contact with metal, which can corrode metals and damage bearings.

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