What is a linear bearing

Update: 14-12-2019

Bearings are small parts used for mechanical contact, l […]

Bearings are small parts used for mechanical contact, linear bearings are a type of bearing

First we look at the application of linear bearings. Linear bearings are a kind of linear motion system used in combination with a cylindrical shaft to form a straight line. The bearing ball of the linear bearing is in contact with the sleeve outside the bearing, so that the frictional resistance to the steel ball is reduced, so as to obtain a high-precision smooth movement. Therefore, the linear bearing has low friction, good stability, and does not change with the speed of the bearing. In this way, smooth linear motion with high sensitivity and high accuracy can be performed during operation. Of course, linear bearings also have limitations. For example, under the condition that the bearing's ability to withstand the impact load is poor, linear bearings will produce large vibrations and noises at high speeds. Linear bearings are widely used in sliding parts of precision machine tools, textile, food packaging, and printing industrial machinery. The other is a plastic linear bearing, which is a linear motion system with self-lubricating properties. Unlike a metal linear bearing, a metal linear bearing is the rolling friction of point contact between the bearing and a cylindrical shaft, which is suitable for low loads. High-speed movement. Because the plastic linear bearing bearing has no special requirements for the shaft, it can withstand larger loads than metal bearings.

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