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  • Update: 09 06 20

    What are the different types of bearing

    Generally, all types of machinery are provided with supports for rotating shafts, the supporting device is known as a bearing. In other words, a bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motions and used to reduce the friction between moving parts. Bearing employs to support, guide and restrain moving the element. This is a stationary member and it carries the load. The part of the shaft supports by the b...

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  • Update: 03 06 20

    What are the function of bearings

    Moving parts in machinery involve relative sliding or rolling motion. Examples of relative motion are linear sliding motion, such as in machine tools, and rotation motion, such as in motor vehicle wheels. Most bearings are used to support rotating shafts in machines. Rubbing of two bodies that are loaded by a normal force (in the direction normal to the contact area) generates energy losses by friction and wear. App...

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  • Update: 26 05 20

    How many types of bearings

    There are numerous different kinds of bearings that are designed to handle radial load, thrust load, or some combination of the two. Because different applications require bearings that are designed to handle a specific kind of load and different amounts of weight, the differences between types of bearings concern load type and ability to handle weight. Ball Bearings Ball Bearings are extremely common because they ca...

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  • Update: 19 05 20

    Features of self lubricating copper bush

    1. No oil lubrication or less oil lubrication, suitable for places where it is impossible to add oil or difficult to add oil. It can be used without maintenance or with less maintenance. 2. Good wear resistance, small friction coefficient and long service life. 3. There is an appropriate amount of elastoplasticity, which can distribute the stress on a wider contact surface and improve the bearing capacity of the bear...

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  • Update: 15 05 20

    What are the characteristics of copper bushings

    1. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of copper sleeves is still relatively good, and different materials of equipment have different characteristics. The internal organization of the parts of the copper bushing is still relatively tight, and it will not appear too loose. It has no stomata trachoma, so from the appearance, the copper bushing is still relatively bright, and its color is relatively special. And the ...

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  • Update: 07 05 20

    Distinguish between self-lubricating bearings and oil-containing bearings

    What is an oil bearing?Oil-bearing bearings use metal powder as the main raw material, and the sintered body made by powder metallurgy is inherently porous, and has the technical advantages of freely adjusting the number, size, shape and distribution of pores during the manufacturing process. Using the porosity of the sintered body, it is impregnated with 10% -40% (volume fraction) lubricating oil and used in the sta...

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