• Update: 19 11 21

    Installation steps of oil-free bearings

    Oil-free bearing is an indispensable mechanical part, which is widely used in our lives. Today, the editor will introduce the installation steps of oil-free bearing in detail for everyone to install by themselves. What should I pay attention to when installing? Oil-free bearings are stable, reliable, and noise-free when working, and the rest of the oil film also has a certain vibration-absorbing strength. Oil-free be...

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  • Update: 12 11 21

    What is the lubrication principle of sliding bearing graphite rod and slider

    1. Self-lubricating bearings and sliders inlaid with solid smoothing agent, under the action of frictional heat, the solid smoothing agent expands and automatically transfers to the friction surface, resulting in a layer of smooth film, preventing metal tactile touch, thereby reducing the friction factor and abrasion , Increase the bearing capacity of the bearing. Metal skeletons can be selected from bronze, cast iro...

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  • Update: 05 11 21

    What is the principle of metal-based inlaid solid sliding bearings

    Metal-based inlaid solid sliding bearing (JDB for short) is a novel lubricating bearing that combines the characteristics of metal bearing and sliding bearing. The metal matrix receives the load, and the uniquely formulated solid lubricating material plays the role of lubrication. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, charge resistance, high temperature resistance, and strong sliding strength. It is un...

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  • Update: 28 10 21

    How to judge the quality of oil-free bearings

    The first thing to infer is whether the outer packaging of the oil-free bearing is clear: that is, whether the packaging of the self-smooth steel sleeve is clearly marked. Under normal circumstances, the brand of the oil-free and oil-free bearing factory has its own special design staff to design the outer packaging. If you look carefully, you should be able to identify and go out, and place a factory that has passed...

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  • Update: 22 10 21

    How to use oil-free bearing bushing

    Ring sleeve with cushioning function In the valve service limit, the bushing is inside the bonnet and wraps the valve stem. Generally, the DU oil-free bushing uses corrosion-resistant materials such as PTFE or connecting rod bushing and graphite for sealing. Device: Interference cooperation Oil-free bearing bushings make sense, no need to add smoothing oil JDB graphite copper sleeve and smoothing grease, easy to use ...

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  • Update: 15 10 21

    How should oil-free bearings be cleaned and inspected

    When removing the oil-free bearing for inspection, first make a record of its appearance by photographing and other methods. In addition, recognize the amount of remaining smoothing agent and sample the smoothing agent, and then wash the oil-free bearings. a. During fine washing, gradually roll over the oil-free bearing in oil, which must be carried out carefully. The commonly used scrubbing agent is neutral non-wate...

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