• Update: 04 01 22

    What is the future development trend of oil-free bearings

    When it comes to oil-free bearings, what everyone thinks of may be foreigners’ oil-free bearings. I also think that their bearings do very well in terms of product quality and accuracy. The only drawbacks are the high price and long cycle. Goods, poor after-sales warranty and so on, bring us troubles! Domestic oil-free bearings and foreign oil-free bearings, everyone should consider the transformation and upgrading, ...

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  • Update: 29 12 21

    Why are there differences in sliding bearings before and after use

    When the sliding bearing is working, friction will occur due to the contact between the journal and the bearing bush, which will cause surface heating, wear and even "seizure". Therefore, when designing the bearing, the bearing bush should be made of sliding bearing materials with good anti-friction properties, and a suitable smoothing agent And adopt appropriate supply methods to improve the structure of the bearing...

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  • Update: 22 12 21

    What are the advantages of self-lubricating bearings in practical applications

    Nowadays, bearings are widely used in our lives. Especially self-lubricating bearings have many advantages in actual use. This is something that other types of bearings can’t compare with. Let’s take everyone to understand today. What are the advantages of self-lubricating bearings? The detailed advantages of self-lubricating bearings are as follows: 1. The reverse side of self-lubricating bearing steel can be electr...

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  • Update: 15 12 21

    What are the causes of sliding bearing damage

    Speaking of sliding bearings, I believe that many people will have such a problem, why the sliding bearings are easy to break, so today I will tell you the reasons for the damage of the sliding bearings. 1. The quality of products such as anti-rust smooth oil and cleaning kerosene used by some enterprises in their consumption cannot meet the requirements of the technological rules. 2. As the price of coating machine ...

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  • Update: 08 12 21

    How to improve the life of oil-free bearings

    Oil-free bearings are an important part of modern machinery and equipment, with a wide range of uses. Take a car as an example, a car generally needs 100 to 150 oil-free bearings to ensure normal driving. The main function of the oil-free bearing is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during the movement, and at the same time ensure its rotation accuracy. In the course of use, the...

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  • Update: 03 12 21

    Introduction to some characteristics and advantages of sliding bearings

    1. Thin-walled structure and light quality can reduce the mechanical volume. 2. With proper elasticity and plasticity, it can disperse the stress on a wider contact surface and increase the bearing capacity of the bearing. 3. It can reduce vibration, noise, prevent pollution and improve working conditions of machinery. 4. The static and dynamic conflict coefficients are similar, which can eliminate crawling at low sp...

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