• Update: 09 10 22

    Oil-impregnated bearing structure enables it to absorb lubricating oil well

    The porous structure of the oil-impregnated bearing enables it to absorb lubricating oil well. After the oil-impregnated bearing is impregnated with 10% to 40% of the lubricating oil, it can lubricate itself during the operation of the equipment. The application of oil-impregnated bearings has obvious effects on mechanical equipment that runs for a long time and is difficult to maintain a lubricated state.Lubrication...

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  • Update: 29 09 22

    Design requirements for plain bearings

    When the sliding bearing is in operation, friction will occur due to the contact between the journal and the bearing bush, which will cause the surface to heat up, wear and even "seize". Therefore, when designing the bearing, the sliding bearing material with good friction reduction should be used to make the bearing bush, and suitable lubricants And adopt the appropriate supply method, improve the structure of the b...

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  • Update: 20 09 22

    Analysis of the types of sliding bearings

    Sliding bearing is the contact part between the sliding bearing and the shaft. It is very smooth. It is usually made of wear-resistant materials such as bronze and anti-friction alloys. In special cases, it can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. Also called "bushing", the shape is a tile-like semi-cylindrical surface.There are many types of sliding bearings:①According to the direction that can bear the load, it can ...

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  • Update: 14 09 22

    9 methods of lubricating commonly used sliding bearings

    1 Manual lubricating oilWhen it is found that the lubricating oil of the sliding bearing is insufficient, it is the most primitive method to use the oiler to supply oil in time. This method is difficult to maintain a certain amount of oil, and there is a greater risk of forgetting to refuel due to negligence. It is usually only used in light-load, low-speed or intermittent motion occasions. It is best to set a dust c...

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  • Update: 06 09 22

    Sliding bearing characteristics and performance

    Sliding bearings, used to support the shaft and bear the load on the shaft, are usually made of wear-resistant materials. Metal composite sliding bearing, its structure has a metal bearing combined with two or more multi-layer metal layers, simple structure, small size, convenient manufacture, low cost, low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity; can adapt to various A variety of different working media and ...

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  • Update: 02 09 22

    Understand the scraping method of sliding bearings

    When scraping and grinding the sliding bearing, it is necessary not only to make the contact point meet the technical requirements, but also to make the side clearance and contact angle meet the technical requirements. Generally, the contact point is first researched, and the contact angle is also taken care of, and finally the side gap is scraped. However, there should not be a clear boundary between the contact par...

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