• Update: 16 07 21

    Application of oil-free bearings

    SF-2 plus boundary lubrication bearing: Acidic polyformaldehyde, with high wear resistance, the bearing surface has a regular arrangement with oil storage pits must be covered with lubricating grease when assembling, especially suitable for high-load low-speed rotation, rocking motion and often Under load, opening and closing are not easy to form fluid lubrication parts. Under boundary lubrication conditions, it can...

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  • Update: 08 07 21

    What is an oil-free bearing?

     How to lubricate oil-free bearings? According to different friction properties, bearings can be divided into sliding bearings and rolling bearings. There are many classification methods for sliding bearings according to the load direction, lubricant type, properties of the lubricating film, the structure of the bearing bush, the material of the bearing bush, etc. Among them, the sliding bearing can be divided into o...

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  • Update: 01 07 21

    There is a kind of bearing called "self-lubricating bearing"

    do you know? There is a kind of bearing called "self-lubricating bearing" (1) Development of self-lubricating bearings The manufacturing technology of self-lubricating bearings originated in the UK. In the 1950s, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) began to be tested as a bearing material in the United Kingdom, and the copper powder sintering process also achieved a breakthrough. In 1956, the world's first self-lubricatin...

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  • Update: 25 06 21

    Boundary lubrication bearing product description

    Boundary lubrication bearing product description: metallographic organization and material structure organization1. POM and lead mixture 0.3~0.5mm2. Spherical bronze powder 0.2~0.3mm3. Steel back 0.4~2.2mm4. Electroplating layer: the thickness of copper plating layer is 0.008mm Boundary lubrication bearings are based on steel plate, sintered spherical bronze powder in the middle, rolled modified polyoxymethylene (POM...

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  • Update: 18 06 21

    Common faults of gear oil pumps and maintenance methods of gear oil pumps

    Gear oil pump manufacturers understand that the flow adjustment methods of arc gear pumps mainly include regulating valve control, variable speed control, and pump parallel and series adjustment. Due to the different principles of various adjustment methods, in addition to their own advantages and disadvantages, the energy loss caused is also different. In order to find a better, less energy-consuming, and more energ...

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  • Update: 11 06 21

    Installation instructions for sprayed stainless steel oil-free bearings

    Rolling bearing instructions1. When installing the bearing, the force should be uniform and not directly hammered. For example, if the interference is large, the bearing should be heated in an air heating furnace or oil furnace with automatic temperature control, and the heating temperature should be strictly controlled below 120°.2. Bearings equipped with nylon cages can work continuously and stably for a long time ...

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