• Update: 02 02 23

    What is the role of the cage in the motor bearing

    Cage (namely bearing cage, also known as bearing retainer) refers to the bearing parts that partially wrap all or part of the rolling body and operate with it, which is used to separate the rolling body. Generally, it also correctly guides the rolling body and controls it in the bearing. Next, briefly introduce the main functions of the lower cage.During the operation of rolling motor bearings, especially when the lo...

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  • Update: 28 01 23

    Understand how to select bearing model and specification for motor model

    The selection of motor bearings can be carried out as follows:1. Select according to the limit speed. In the bearing table, all bearings are the main parameters with the limit speed. It is only necessary that the shaft speed does not exceed the limit speed of the bearing.2. It is determined according to the load on the shaft. In the bearing table, all bearings list the main parameters of "rated dynamic load" and "rat...

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  • Update: 17 01 23

    Lubrication requirements of motors for motor bearings

    The lubrication of motor bearings is mainly related to the temperature of the motor’s operating environment and its own temperature. Generally, 2# and 3# lithium-based greases are sufficient for motors. If it is a smoke exhaust motor or needs to be operated in a high temperature environment, ABB motors refer to 7017-1B with high viscosity and high temperature lubrication is required. There are a few main points to no...

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  • Update: 13 01 23

    Brief History of Rolling Bearing Development

    Bearing is the support of mechanical transmission shaft and an important guarantee to realize the performance, function and efficiency of the host machine. It is known as the "joint" of the machine. Its main function is to transmit force and motion and reduce friction loss.Don't think that such high-end devices are products of modern times. No, bearings have existed on the earth for 8000 years. In the Neolithic Age 8...

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  • Update: 05 01 23

    What happens if the rolling bearing is excessively lubricated

    After the rolling bearing is installed, enough lubricating grease shall be filled to ensure a good grease distribution between the rolling element and the raceway to form an oil film when the rolling bearing is running.There is a certain quantity requirement for the filling of lubricating grease. A good lubricant distribution is that when the rolling bearing is running, there is a layer of lubricant distribution on t...

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  • Update: 30 12 22

    How to Select the Caster Bearing Correctly

    We believe that we have a certain understanding of how to choose high-quality casters. Therefore, a good casters can not do without high-quality bearings. We all know that the use of Wanda castors can not be separated from the assistance of bearings. High quality castor bearings should be suitable for their respective applications and have enough safety margin. How do we choose such high-quality castor bearings?Taper...

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