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  • Update: 22 02 20

    Analysis of noise characteristics of imported bearings

    The high-quality 6203 imported bearing raceway sound is 25-27dB. This type of noise is most typical of single-row deep groove ball imported bearings that support radial loads. It has the following characteristics: 1. When the radial clearance increases, the sound pressure level increases sharply; 2. The vibration frequency is above 1kHz; 3. The higher the viscosity of the lubricant, the lower the sound pressure leve...

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  • Update: 16 02 20

    Steps for installing bearings by heating

    Installing the bearing for heating is a method. This heating method can reduce bearing wear and improve installation efficiency.The principle of the heating method is to use thermal expansion to heat the bearing inner ring, and the NSK bearing can be installed when it reaches a safe expansion temperature. The main steps are as follows: 1. Bearing cleaning, put the bearing in a gasoline-filled cleaning box, wear rubbe...

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  • Update: 11 02 20

    Do you know thrust tapered roller bearings

    What is a thrust cylindrical roller bearing? This is a combination often used in high-rigidity bearing arrangements and can withstand heavy and vibration loads without difficulty. Because the rolling body in thrust tapered roller bearings is a tapered roller, and its structure and rolling generatrix and the raceway generatrix of the washer meet at a certain point on the bearing's axis line, the rolling surface can fo...

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  • Update: 19 01 20

    Why the bearings are damaged

    Although a bearing is a small part of the machine, it is a precision part, so you need to be careful when using it. Otherwise, even a high-performance bearing, if it is used improperly, will cause the bearing to be damaged. What will be the damage? Improper use is the main reason for bearing damage. Not only can't achieve the expected performance effect, but also easily damage it. Under certain special operating cond...

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  • Update: 11 01 20

    Introducing three types of roller bearings

    I will introduce three types of roller bearings to you today. The most commonly used is cylindrical roller bearings. This bearing is composed of two ribs of a bearing ring and a guide ring. A cylindrical roller bearing is also an assembly. A separate bearing. It is very convenient to install and disassemble in this way. The paint requires the inner and outer rings to cooperate with the shaft and the housing to show t...

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  • Update: 03 01 20

    Installation and removal of bearings

    Bearings are the main components on the machine. Whether the machine runs flexibly depends on the quality of the bearing assembly.How to install and disassemble without damaging the bearing is a problem that customers often encounter in the course of bearing use. Only by using the correct installation and removal methods can the bearings run normally and extend their life. The method of installing and disassembling ...

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