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  • Update: 11 05 23

    Drill Jig Bushings - Oil Groove Bushings

    Manufacturer of drill jig bushings including oil groove & coolant bushings. DFARS & RoHS compliant.Oil grooves are milled into the surface of a bronze bushing to store lubricant and reduce frictional forces. They also allow for self-lubrication, decreasing maintenance and operating costs.Several factors can affect how long oil grooves last, including the temperature of the application and the lubricant used.1...

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  • Update: 06 05 23

    Selecting bearings from rigidity, vibration and noise, and axial movement

    As an essential and important component in mechanical products, bearings play an important role in supporting the rotating shaft. Rolling bearings have their own structural characteristics and performance advantages and disadvantages. When selecting them, it is necessary to consider the actual situation comprehensively. So, how can we purchase suitable rolling bearings?1. Select according to rigidityUnder the same si...

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  • Update: 23 04 23

    How to select bearings based on speed and accuracy

    A complete bearing configuration not only involves bearings, but also other related components such as shafts and bearing pedestals, all of which belong to the main components of the entire bearing system. Different bearings have different characteristics, which are suitable for various application situations of mechanical equipment. To choose bearings suitable for different machinery from a variety of varieties, we ...

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  • Update: 21 04 23

    Benefits of Brass Wrapped Bushing Bearings

    Brass Wrapped Bushing Bearings are a great option for applications that require strong, durable bushings. They are also popular for their low cost and ease of installation.When choosing a metal bearing bushing material, consider factors such as durability, strength requirements, and corrosion resistance needs. This will help ensure you choose the best product for your application.DurabilityThere are many factors that...

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  • Update: 14 04 23

    How to Choose Bronze Wrapped Bushings

    As you may know, there are many different types of bushings available to choose from. The type that you choose should be based on a number of different factors including cost, durability, and corrosion resistance among others.Both brass and bronze offer a number of benefits when it comes to their performance, but it can be hard to determine which is the best choice for your application.CostA cost-effective option, br...

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  • Update: 07 04 23

    Brass Wrapped Bushing Bearings

    Our self-lubricating metal bearings are widely used in automobile industry, metallurgy mining machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, hydropower, steel rolling industry and other fields.Our self-lubricating bearings offer excellent performance and reliability, which ensures that they are a good choice for a wide range of applications. These bearings are also highly corrosion-resistant and can operat...

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