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  • Update: 19 02 22

    What are the advantages of rolling bearings and plain bearings

    Rolling bearings and sliding bearings are provided with raceways on the outer circumference of the inner ring and the inner circumference of the outer ring. When the inner and outer rings rotate relative to each other, the rolling elements roll on the raceways of the inner and outer rings, and they are separated by the cage to avoid mutual friction. Thrust bearing is divided into two parts: tight ring and moving ring...

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  • Update: 17 02 22

    How to prevent and improve the rust of self-lubricating bearings

    We all know that rust and other phenomena on the surface of self-lubricating bearings will be caused due to the different environments in which self-lubricating bearings are located. So how can we maintain self-lubricating bearings to reduce a series of problems caused by the environment?If the bearing is rusted, it will affect the normal operation of the self-lubricating bearing and cause unnecessary losses.Therefor...

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  • Update: 12 02 22

    How should we deal with the rust situation of self-lubricating bearings

    We should be no stranger to self-lubricating bearings, which are very common in our lives and are widely used, but some friends will find that self-lubricating bearings will cause rust and other phenomena due to different environments. So how should we deal with it?If the bearing is rusted, it will affect the normal operation of the self-lubricating bearing, resulting in unnecessary losses.Therefore, avoiding rust is...

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  • Update: 20 01 22

    How self-lubricating bearings help cars improve thermal efficiency

    Self-lubricating bearings play an important role as an important component in the automotive power transmission system. If we want to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, we need to further improve the combustion and thermal efficiency, and then self-lubricating the automotive power transmission system. All aspects of the bearing reduce friction and improve transmission efficiency. With excellent low friction ...

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  • Update: 20 01 22

    What is the principle of the heating of the sliding bearing

    For sliding bearings, we should have seen them all. We all know that the shaft and the sliding bearing are a pair of friction pairs, which belong to sliding friction. Friction will generate heat, and its calorific value is proportional to the frictional force and the speed of movement; the greater the frictional force, the greater the heat, and the faster the speed, the more heat. In order to avoid the friction betwe...

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  • Update: 04 01 22

    What is the future development trend of oil-free bearings

    When it comes to oil-free bearings, what everyone thinks of may be foreigners’ oil-free bearings. I also think that their bearings do very well in terms of product quality and accuracy. The only drawbacks are the high price and long cycle. Goods, poor after-sales warranty and so on, bring us troubles! Domestic oil-free bearings and foreign oil-free bearings, everyone should consider the transformation and upgrading, ...

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