What should be paid attention to in the use of self-lubricating bearing?

Update: 20-11-2020

Matters needing attention in using self lubricating bea […]

Matters needing attention in using self lubricating bearing
Rolling self-lubricating bearing is a precision component, and its use should be carried out with caution. Precautions for use are as follows:
(1) Use proper operation tools
Avoid replacing them with existing tools. Proper tools must be used.
(2) Use with care
In use, if the self-lubricating shaft bears strong impact, it will produce scars and indentation, which will become the cause of the accident. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the fracture.

(3) Keep the self-lubricating bearing and its surroundings clean
Even small dust that can't be seen by the eyes can also bring bad effects to self-lubricating bearings. Therefore, to keep the surrounding clean, so that dust does not invade the self-lubricating bearing.
(4) Pay attention to the corrosion of self-lubricating bearing
When operating self-lubricating bearings, sweat on hands can be the cause of rust. Attention should be paid to the operation with clean hands and gloves are recommended.
Selection method of self lubricating bearing
When selecting self-lubricating bearings, the arrangement, installation and disassembly difficulty of self-lubricating bearings as shafting, the allowable space and size of self-lubricating bearings, and the marketability of self-lubricating bearings are generally considered, which determines the structure of self-lubricating bearings.
Secondly, the size of self-lubricating bearing is determined by comparing the design life of various machines using self-lubricating bearings and the different durability limits of self-lubricating bearings.
Moreover, according to different applications, it is necessary to select the self-lubricating bearing specially designed for the requirements of accuracy, clearance, cage structure, grease and so on. However, there is no definite order and rule for the selection of self-lubricating bearing. The conditions, performance and related options of self-lubricating bearing should be considered first, especially in practice.