What is the lubrication principle of sliding bearing graphite rod and slider

Update: 12-11-2021

1. Self-lubricating bearings and sliders inlaid with so […]

1. Self-lubricating bearings and sliders inlaid with solid smoothing agent, under the action of frictional heat, the solid smoothing agent expands and automatically transfers to the friction surface, resulting in a layer of smooth film, preventing metal tactile touch, thereby reducing the friction factor and abrasion , Increase the bearing capacity of the bearing. Metal skeletons can be selected from bronze, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, and non-metallic skeletons according to the needs of gear pump bearing users. Bakelite, phenolic plastic, nylon, etc. can be used.

2. Characteristics of sliding bearings and sliders: Self-smoothing bearings and sliders inlaid with solid smoothing agents are made of 10 kinds of smooth materials with excellent smoothing functions and their own expertise. Some of them can be used under extreme loads. On the 2.5 um thick JDB solid sliding bearing film, the friction speed of 40m per second can withstand the contact stress of 2800Mpa; some elements, the low shear force between the molecules, and the low adhesion force are easy to cause Molecular sliding surface, only in the 2.5um thickness of the smooth layer, there are about 40,000 JDB bronze sliding bearing sliding surfaces, which play a major role in the smooth function of the solid smoothing agent; some elements are at a high temperature of 399 ℃. The friction factor is normal; some elements have a good smoothing function in normal temperature, normal load, high friction speed, vacuum and atmosphere. In short, the self-smoothing solid smoothing agent for sliding bearings and sliders can almost suit the friction conditions of various working conditions. The friction factor is mostly between 0.006-0.09.

3. The purpose of sliding bearing and sliding block: Because sliding bearing and sliding block are embedded in the frame with solid smoothing agent, they are self-smoothing friction operation, which is quite dreamy to deal with the pollution problem that occurs in the smoothing process of liquid smoothing oil, so Ordinary equipment used in non-polluting environments such as food machinery and pharmaceutical machinery. The solid smoothing agent selected for sliding bearings and sliding blocks has the characteristics of large load-bearing load, so it is quite suitable for heavy load, low speed, high temperature, water vapor and other corrosion that are not easy to cause by oil film, and it is not easy to usually lubricate and smooth working conditions. Used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, geology, chemical industry, papermaking, bridges, hydraulic links, shipbuilding, aerospace and other industries. Prominent functions, such as the ladle crane and 1150 blooming mill in steel mills, have a service life of 6-8 times longer than the original bearing bush. Various rolling mills, plate shears, cooling bed sliders (steel pipe pull carts), pharmaceutical machines, wringing pots, rubber mixer bearings, floating crane bearings, textile mill dryers, non-ferrous metal rolling mills, steel plate shafts for heavy vehicles The effects of pin sleeves, cutter mixers of chemical plants, roller bearings of coal conveyors, inner sleeves of deep rod pumps of drilling machines, protective drill sleeves, and guide sleeves, sliders, and cam discs on various equipment are very obvious. .

4. Footnotes for the use of sliding bearings and sliders:

(1) When installing the sliding bearing, ensure that the shaft diameter rubbed with it has excellent cylindricity, so that it has a sufficient contact area with the bearing, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the bearing or be damaged immediately.

(2) When installing the sliding bearing, be sure to ensure a certain sliding clearance, and be careful not to jam or damage the bearing and mechanical parts.

(3) The friction surface of sliding bearings and sliders has been coated with a special smooth grease before leaving the factory. Be sure not to stain the friction table during installation. Do not wipe off the grease!!! If it is wiped off, please use molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease instead of painting from the beginning, but before the test run, it must be run at a low speed for a period of time before it can run normally. When using heavy load equipment, it must be Purchase a special smooth grease from the seller manufacturer for recoating.

5.The factory specifications of sliding bearings and sliders: This product is usually used for equipment matching in many industries, so it is difficult to unify the specifications.