What is the future development trend of oil-free bearings

Author:admin   Date:2022-01-04

When it comes to oil-free bearings, what everyone thinks of may be foreigners’ oil-free bearings. I also think that their bearings do very well in terms of product quality and accuracy. The only drawbacks are the high price and long cycle. Goods, poor after-sales warranty and so on, bring us troubles!

Domestic oil-free bearings and foreign oil-free bearings, everyone should consider the transformation and upgrading, from production and manufacturing to processing plans, to after-sales maintenance guarantee, as a brand-new ecological industry chain, rather than relying on quality, you can look forward to the wind Invincible, from the front-end implementation-sales-consumption-after-sales-maintenance constitutes a new form of professional oil-free bearing one-stop, not to say that even if I get the goods, even if it is finished, professional engineers may stop the cloud guidance device, showing that the oil-free bearing is damaged The first time we can get the best after-sales treatment plan, present the process of efficient response to quality problems and return and exchange, to guide all customers' troubles and worries.

With the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, the oil-free bearing market will definitely be reshuffled. It is possible that domestically-made oil-free bearings are slightly inferior in materials, forging, finishing, and processing when they compete with foreigners, but they are traditional small manufacturing and processing units. And some state-owned enterprises still choose domestic oil-free bearings, which means that the cake is not exclusive to one family. With the marginalization and expansion of the economic market, more and more foreign bearing companies enter the Chinese market. In the future, China will transform from manufacturing to intelligent When there is a demand for oil-free bearings, there will be trades in the scene of overtaking in the curve of manufacturing and technology.

The rise of domestic oil-free bearings is only a matter of time. In the end, they will join the battlefield of bearing fights. The bayonet model among foreigners will become whose products are of good quality, short delivery cycle, and after-sales response speed. Whose market is it? The overlord monopoly model will soon become the past tense. The new oil-free bearing ideas will continue to be extended and innovated. Don’t take the Chinese as a lamb, or you will be eliminated by the bearing industry. The new business model will change the rules of society!