What is oil free sliding bearing

Update: 16-04-2020

Oil-free sliding bearing is a kind of sliding bearing a […]

Oil-free sliding bearing is a kind of sliding bearing and a special bearing. The material is made of metal, etc. It is characterized by simple structure and convenient manufacturing. The materials of bearing pads and bearing linings are collectively called sliding bearing materials. Sliding bearing applications are generally under low-speed and heavy-duty working conditions, or in difficult-to-operate parts where maintenance and lubrication are added.

Oil-free sliding bearings can be self-lubricated by design, work smoothly, reliably and without noise. Under the condition of liquid lubrication, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, and the friction loss and surface wear can be greatly reduced. The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. But the starting friction resistance is large. The part of the shaft supported by the bearing is called the shaft diameter, and the part matching the shaft diameter is called the bearing pad. In order to improve the frictional properties of the bearing pad surface, the layer of anti-friction material cast on its inner surface is called a bearing bush.

The oil-free sliding bearing can be self-smoothed after planning, and the sliding oil-free bearing is stable, reliable and noise-free.

Types of oil-free sliding bearings:
1. According to the type of smoothing agent, it can be divided into 7 categories: oil smooth bearing, grease smooth bearing, horizontal sliding bearing, gas bearing, solid smooth bearing, magnetic fluid bearing and electromagnetic bearing.

2. According to the raw materials of the bearing bush, it can be divided into bronze bearings, cast iron bearings, plastic bearings, gemstone bearings, powder metallurgy bearings, self-smooth bearings and oil-containing bearings.

3. The sliding self-smoothing bearings can be divided into radial (centripetal) oil-free sliding bearings and thrust (axial) oil-free sliding bearings according to the target that can accept the load.
4. According to the thickness of the smooth film, it can be divided into two types: thin film smooth bearing and thick film smooth bearing.
5. According to the bearing structure, it can be divided into round bearings, elliptical bearings, three-oil leaf bearings, stepped surface bearings, tilting pad bearings and foil bearings.