What are the solutions for sliding bearing wear?

Update: 17-09-2021

  The quality of the sliding bearing is guaranteed and […]

  The quality of the sliding bearing is guaranteed and practical, but it is unavoidable that there will be wear. Today I will talk about the solution to the wear of the sliding bearing.

Common sliding bearing wear and countermeasures

Regarding bearing infringement, such as: roller bearing ring and rib jams, as factors can be considered, lack of smoothing agent, inappropriate, shortcomings of the oil supply and discharge structure, foreign matter intrusion, bearing device errors, shaft deflection If the song is too big, these factors will overlap.

  Usually, if the bearing is applied accurately, it can be applied to the end of the fatigue life. However, JDB steel-copper inlaid bearings may suddenly and prematurely infringe, and they may not be used in the application. This kind of early infringement, as opposed to fatigue life, is the limit for the quality of JDB cast iron inlaid bearings, which is called an obstacle or trouble. Due to the lack of attention to equipment, application, and smoothness, foreign matter invaded the JDB steel-based inlaid bearing from the outside, and the discussion on the thermal effect of the shaft and housing is insufficient.

   Therefore, it is difficult to know the true cause of the violation only by checking the bearing violation. However, if you know the application machinery of the sliding bearing, the application conditions, the structure around the bearing, the situation before and after the incident, the violation of the related bearings, and the check of several factors, you can prevent similar incidents from happening again.

  Okay, the above is all about the solution of sliding bearing wear. I hope to help everyone.

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