What are the methods of using the bearings

Update: 09-11-2019

The bearing occupies a very important position in the o […]

The bearing occupies a very important position in the operation of the machine. Without the bearing, the machine can hardly operate. As a kind of fine part, the bearing should pay special attention to the use. If it is used improperly, it can not only achieve the expected effect, but also easily damage the bearing.

First, pay attention to the cleaning of the bearings and the surrounding environment, and always clean them. Even small dust falling into the bearing increases the damage of the bearing, causing vibration and noise.
Second, when using the device, do not use strong stamping bearings, nor can you hit the bearing vertically, and the bearing cannot be transmitted through the rolling elements.
Third, do not use cloth or short-fiber equipment, and use special equipment tools to carry out the device;
Fourth, to prevent rusted bearings when you need to take the bearings, try to avoid taking them by hand. If you want to take them by hand, you must first remove the sweat from your hands, then apply high-quality mineral oil before stopping the operation in the rainy season and summer. Pay special attention to rust prevention in these damp environments.
The life of a bearing is calculated in terms of number of revolutions or hours. Bearings also have their own working life, which is caused by wear, corrosion, and seal damage. The bearing is capable of achieving a long, traditionally calculated life under such special operating conditions that the rolling surfaces such as rails and rolling elements are effectively separated by a smooth oil film and the appearance of contaminants may be destroyed.


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