What are the characteristics of oil-containing self-lubricating bearings?

Update: 09-09-2021

   Oil-containing self-lubricating bearing is a very sp […]

   Oil-containing self-lubricating bearing is a very special kind of bearing. During use, there is no need to add lubricating oil. Today, I will introduce the characteristics of oil-containing self-lubricating bearing. Let's take a look.

Oil-containing self-lubricating bearings use the porous nature of the material or the affinity with the smooth oil. Before the bearing is installed and used, the smooth oil is soaked into the bearing material. The bearing may not be added or the smooth oil is not added for a long time.

May wish to use the porous characteristics of the raw materials to fill the pores of the smooth oil. The raw materials of the oil-containing self-lubricating bearing bush are: wood, grown cast iron, cast copper alloy and powder metallurgy anti-friction materials; may wish to use the affinity characteristics of the raw materials and the smooth oil to make the smooth oil even The oil-containing self-lubricating bearing bush materials distributed in the raw materials are mostly polymers, such as oil-containing phenolic resin.

   Features of oil-containing self-lubricating bearings:

   1. In the initial application, the time-dependent running noise is low, and the manufacturing cost is also low, but the wear is important, and the service life is very different from that of the ball bearing;

  2. When the use time is long, the lubricating oil will gradually volatilize due to the oil seal, and dust will also enter the bearing, which will cause the equipment to slow down and increase noise.

  3. Use sleeve bearings with sliding conflict, and use lubricating oil as a smoothing agent and drag reducer.

  The oil-containing self-lubricating bearing is in the non-operating state, and the smooth oil fills its pores. During operation, the shaft rotates due to conflict and fever, and the thermal expansion of the bearing bush reduces the pores, so the smooth oil overflows and enters the bearing gap. When the shaft stops rotating, the bearing shell cools, the pores are restored, and the smooth oil is sucked back into the pores. Although it is possible for oil-containing self-lubricating bearings to form an intact oil film, most of the scenes, this bearing is in a mixed conflict state of incomplete oil film.

  What are the characteristics of oil-containing self-lubricating bearings, I will introduce you to this today, and I hope to help you.

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