What are the advantages of self-lubricating bearings in practical applications

Author:admin   Date:2021-12-22

Nowadays, bearings are widely used in our lives. Especially self-lubricating bearings have many advantages in actual use. This is something that other types of bearings can’t compare with. Let’s take everyone to understand today. What are the advantages of self-lubricating bearings?

The detailed advantages of self-lubricating bearings are as follows:

1. The reverse side of self-lubricating bearing steel can be electroplated with a variety of metals, which can be used in corrosive media; it has been widely used in sliding parts of various machines.

2. Self-lubricating bearings have good wear resistance, low friction coefficient and long service life.

3. The static and dynamic friction coefficients are similar to ensure the working accuracy of the machine.

4. Oil-free smoothness or less oily smoothness, and can be used without or underserving.

5. The self-lubricating bearing has a thin-wall structure and is light in weight, which can reduce the mechanical volume.

6. The hardness request of the grinding shaft is low, thereby reducing the processing difficulty of related parts.

7. The self-lubricating bearing can form a transfer film during operation and play a role in maintaining the grinding shaft.

8. There is an appropriate amount of elasticity and plasticity, which can spread the stress on a wider contact surface and improve the bearing capacity of the bearing.

9. The self-lubricating bearing can reduce the vibration of the machine, reduce noise, avoid pollution, and improve working conditions.