What are the advantages of oil bearing

Update: 22-04-2020

Oil bearing is a kind of porous alloy products impregna […]

Oil bearing is a kind of porous alloy products impregnated with lubricating oil in the pores. When the bearing rotates, due to the friction between the shaft and the oil-bearing bearing, the temperature of the oil-bearing bearing increases and the pumping action, the lubricating oil penetrates into the friction surface of the inner or outer diameter of the oil-bearing bearing. The oil flows back inside the oil bearing. Therefore, the consumption of lubricating oil is very small, and it can be used for long-term operation without supplying lubricating oil from the outside. It is very suitable for occasions where oil supply is difficult and lubricant pollution is avoided.

Oil-bearing bearings are widely used in: motor industry, massage equipment industry, home appliance industry, digital products, OA office equipment, power tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery and other machines, and oil-bearing bearings are products specifically designed for such oil-bearing bearings.

The main advantages of oil bearing:
1. Oil output rate: It has excellent oil-free bearing dynamic torque and extremely low friction torque characteristics, which makes the operation of micro-motor bearings easy to obtain the ideal effect of light and stable operation and significantly reduced energy consumption!
2. Oxidation resistance: Special lubricating oil for miniature oil bearing, with ultra-high viscosity index and excellent high and low temperature performance. Under the same conditions as powder metallurgy bearings, the stability of high-temperature oxidation resistance is more prominent, and the sufficient oil film strength is more effectively provided under high temperature conditions, so as to achieve stronger anti-coking ability, and the oil-bearing bearing effectively avoids oil sludge blockage. Microporous.
3. Low evaporability: The special lubricating oil for miniature oil-bearing bearings has a smaller evaporation loss effect than similar oil products under high temperature conditions, which fundamentally guarantees a more reliable and longer lubrication life effect.
4. It can easily provide a strong oil film for the bearing, forming a special and effective protective film on the surface of the copper / iron metal, easily and greatly reduce the running noise, significantly reduce the friction resistance and wear, so as to achieve a quieter operation effect. Even in the case of ultra-high load, it is still easy and effective to avoid the bearing jamming the shaft.
5. It has very good anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance on metal substrates, can be compatible with mineral oil, and its adaptability to sealing materials is also very good. It can be well adapted to nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber and silicone rubber Wait for seals.
6. Greatly reflects the harmonious nature with nature, well in line with the concept of environmental protection needs, and absolutely eliminates harmful heavy metals.
7. All-round excellent performance ensures the perfect expression of "lifetime lubrication life effect".