Steps for installing bearings by heating

Update: 16-02-2020

Installing the bearing for heating is a method. This he […]

Installing the bearing for heating is a method. This heating method can reduce bearing wear and improve installation efficiency.

The principle of the heating method is to use thermal expansion to heat the bearing inner ring, and the NSK bearing can be installed when it reaches a safe expansion temperature. The main steps are as follows: 1. Bearing cleaning, put the bearing in a gasoline-filled cleaning box, wear rubber gloves to rotate the bearing by hand to continuously brush, and then wash away the impurities on the bearing. It should be noted that the plastic net should be prevented when cleaning the bottom of the box. The washed impurities will sink into the grid and will not stick to the bearings. 2. Bearing heating, electromagnetic heating or oil bath heating can be selected. Electromagnetic heating has a size limitation. If this method is used as much as possible within the size limit, it is simple and safe to operate. When the size of the inner ring of the NSK bearing is too large, it is necessary to use an oil bath to prevent the inner ring from heating Uniform phenomenon. No matter which method is selected, the heating installation temperature of the bearing must be controlled between 38 ° C and 45 ° C. At this temperature, the bearing installation hole can expand and expand, and it will not cause high temperature damage to the bearing. 3. Bearing installation, the time from bearing transfer to installation into the shaft should be guaranteed within 3 minutes, otherwise the bearing expansion will shrink, which will cause inconvenience to installation. If the large ambient temperature of the installation is lower than 10 ℃, the time for the bearing to be transferred to the installation must be controlled within 100 seconds. In addition, there should be a balance washer at the shaft shoulder to ensure the radial clearance and concentricity of the bearing.
加热 Installing bearings by heating is a method often used, which is very helpful for the efficiency of the bearing and can also extend the service life of the bearing. The installation steps of this method must be carried out carefully to avoid errors.