Installation steps of oil-free bearings

Update: 19-11-2021

Oil-free bearing is an indispensable mechanical part, w […]

Oil-free bearing is an indispensable mechanical part, which is widely used in our lives. Today, the editor will introduce the installation steps of oil-free bearing in detail for everyone to install by themselves.

What should I pay attention to when installing? Oil-free bearings are stable, reliable, and noise-free when working, and the rest of the oil film also has a certain vibration-absorbing strength.

Oil-free bearing installation:

The key technical requirement for oil-free bearing is to obtain the correct gap between the journal and the bearing, to ensure the excellent contact between the journal and the bearing and the sufficient smoothness of the copper sleeve, so that the journal is stable and reliable in the bearing. The equipment of oil-free integral sliding bearing:

(1) Before equipping, deburr the shaft sleeve and bearing seat hole, clean up the dry oil-free bearing and apply smooth oil to the bearing seat hole.

(2) After the shaft sleeve is pressed into the bearing seat hole, it is easy to change the size and form. The inner hole should be trimmed and inspected by reaming or scraping from the smooth bearing to ensure that there is a good quality between the journal and the shaft sleeve. Clearance fit.

(3) According to the size of the shaft sleeve and the amount of interference at the time of fitting, use the knocking method or the pressing method to fit the shaft into the bearing housing hole and proceed unchanged.