Installation and removal of bearings

Update: 03-01-2020

Bearings are the main components on the machine. Whethe […]

Bearings are the main components on the machine. Whether the machine runs flexibly depends on the quality of the bearing assembly.

How to install and disassemble without damaging the bearing is a problem that customers often encounter in the course of bearing use. Only by using the correct installation and removal methods can the bearings run normally and extend their life.

The method of installing and disassembling the bearing should be determined according to the structure, size and the nature of the bearing components. The pressure for installation and disassembly should be directly applied to the end face of the tight-fitting ring, and the pressure cannot be transmitted through the rolling body, because this will cause indentation on the working surface of the bearing, affect the normal operation of the bearing, and even cause damage to the bearing.


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