How to choose self-lubricating bearing grease?

Update: 12-08-2021

When and how to choose self-lubricating bearing grease? […]

When and how to choose self-lubricating bearing grease?

  (1) For under special operating conditions:

   Such as: railway locomotive axles (high circumferential speed and high load), paper dryers and dryers, etc., if self-lubricating bearings are used and lubricated with grease, special grease is required. Hope to help you.

 (2) The dripping point of grease, under normal circumstances, is higher than the working temperature by 20~30°C;

(3) When the bearing load is large and the speed is low, the consistency of the grease should be larger, and the viscosity of the base oil for grease should be larger; on the contrary, the product with a larger cone penetration should be selected;   (4 ) For self-lubricating bearings, calcium-based grease should be used when working in a water-drenched or humid environment, and lithium-based grease should be used under conditions of higher ambient temperature;

  (5) Grease should have good adhesion properties;

How to choose connecting rod bushing for self-lubricating bearings?

Do friends who often use self-lubricating bearings know how to choose connecting rod bushings?

  How to choose connecting rod bushing?

  The connecting rod bushing should be selected according to the diameter of the piston pin and the actual size of the connecting rod bushing with the small end bearing hole of the connecting rod. The bushing and the seat hole should have an oil-free composite bushing with a predetermined amount of interference. Assembling new bushings can be carried out in a press or bench vice.

When pressing people, the connecting rod and the bushing must be aligned and not offset. After pressing the stainless steel coiled bushing, the integral bushing needs to be aligned with the oil hole. The two-stage bushing should be pressed to be flush with the side of the oil hole at the small end of the connecting rod, so that the extra part of the outer part can be filed. Then the chamfering is carried out, and the reaming or filing is carried out after the liner is matched.

  The content of how to choose connecting rod bushing is introduced for you today. I hope to help you.

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