Advantages of hybrid ceramic bearings

Update: 06-03-2020

Hybrid ceramic bearings may be less common, and the mai […]

Hybrid ceramic bearings may be less common, and the main configuration of hybrid ceramic bearings is a combination of inner and outer ring bearing steel / stainless steel + ceramic ball + PA66 / stainless steel retainer + 2RS / ZZ. Hybrid ceramic bearings have the following four advantages during use.

(1), high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic balls, under high temperature environment will not cause bearing balls to expand due to temperature, which greatly increases the operating temperature of the entire bearing, the temperature of ordinary bearings is about 160 degrees, ceramic balls Can reach more than 220 degrees.

 (2) High speed, ceramic balls have oil-free self-lubricating properties, and the friction coefficient of ceramic balls is small, so ceramic ball bearings have a high speed. According to statistics, bearings using ceramic balls are more than 1.5 times the speed of general bearings.

(3) Long life, ceramic balls can be added without any grease, that is to say, even if the grease is dried, the bearing can still be operated, so that the premature damage of the bearing caused by the grease dried out in ordinary bearings can be avoided. According to us Tests and some customer feedback The service life of bearings after using ceramic balls is 2-3 times that of ordinary bearings.

(4) Insulation. Bearings with ceramic balls can insulate the inner and outer rings of the bearing, because ceramic balls are insulators, and the use of ceramic balls between the inner and outer rings of the bearing can achieve the effect of insulation. This makes the bearing Can be used in a conductive environment. This is also the biggest advantage of hybrid ceramic bearings.

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