Bearing installation method of sliding bearing

Update: 19-03-2021

Bearing installation method of sliding bearing, composi […]

Bearing installation method of sliding bearing, composite sliding bearing installation method
Device precautions:

Before installing, make sure that there is no foreign matter on the surface of the shaft sleeve and the seat hole, and the surface of the seat hole should be as bright as possible to avoid scratches during the installation.

During installation, lubricating oil can be applied to the outer surface of the shaft sleeve to assist the shaft sleeve to be installed more conveniently, but it is not easy to avoid excessively preventing the shaft sleeve from coming out during heavy load or reciprocating motion.

When installing, the mandrel should be pressed in slowly (hydraulic is recommended) to prevent direct hitting of the sleeve to avoid deformation.

If you need to use deformable materials such as aluminum alloy or thinner seat hole wall thickness when designing the seat hole, please explain to avoid deformation of the seat hole during press-fitting.

In order to make the device simpler and not damage the wear-resistant layer, the end face of the shaft must be chamfered and excessively slippery. The raw material of the shaft is recommended to be bearing steel surface quenched hrc45, the surface roughness is rz2-3, and the surface can also be plated with hard chrome.

If possible, please apply grease to the outer surface of the shaft to shorten the fitting period of the shaft sleeve.

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